OnCore Golf Ball Review

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My Oncore Golf Ball Review

I got a sleeve on Oncore Golf Balls from Neil the distributor for Oncore golf balls here in New Zealand to test out. Adroit Distribution are the exclusive sales agents for the Oncore golf ball brand. This is my OnCore Golf Ball review.

Oncore Golf Balls

Design features of the OnCore Golf Ball

The first thing I noticed about this golf ball in terms of it’s markings is its simplicity. The little 1 in the box acts like a target for you to concentrate where you want you club head to go. Sitting it on a tee you can adjust whether you want the target to be centered or you can turn the little square box to the left so you can aim inside to out.

So for me this is a perfect design that very few golf balls have. Trust me when you test this feature out yourself you will have more focus on the golf ball and where you want the club head to go through it.

From a putting design point of view……..you have fine straight line as you can see in the picture. Again very simple. This makes it real simple to line the putter up in terms of direction. Or if you prefer you could use the 1 square box, but I believe the straight line text is the way to go with this golf ball

Overall design features I would rate 10/10.


The Oncore Golf Ball for Putting

You will notice that this golf ball provides what I would consider a solid feel to it off the putter blade. I wouldn’t say soft feel like Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, or Taylor made. It is a solid feel which provides a positive response.

The Oncore does seem to run straighter. I put this down to being slightly more heavier than the other brands. However be aware that it runs a little longer on the greens.

I would rate the ball on the greens as 9/10……..exceptionally good if not better than any balls I have used before


Chipping and Pitching with the OnCore

Out on the course I had plenty of times to chip and pitch. I was surprised to see the ball react favourably to stopping on the green. For s solid feeling ball it pulled up exceptional well. I purposely hit a pitch shot harder then normal to see what reaction I would get…….and the ball pitched and stopped really well.

Approach sots did exactly the same. I hit a hybrid to a 180m par 3. The ball landed on the green and stopped within a foot of where it landed. Very surprising.

Is it as good and soft as Pro V’s or Srixon’s for chipping and pitching………I don’t think so. I would rate it 7/10


Oncore Golf Balls with the Driver

This ball has a real ping or metal sound off the face of the driver. It is much louder then other golf balls. You may like this or you may not. For me I wasn’t that keen on the sound, will take a little time to get used to it. Some golfers like that sharp ping sound, but not really for me.

Sound 5/10

The feel off the club head is very solid. As mentioned before it feels a little heavier and solid. Now the big one…….is the Oncore Golf Ball longer than other brands……..for me the answer is no.

I hit the ball to similar distances with a Callaway I normally use……..so no real noticeable difference or improvement in distance.


Oncore Golf Balls Slicing and Hooking

For me I don’t normally have a hook or a slice, so this was a little more difficult to judge. But I would say when it was it straight it stayed straight. I purposely tried to cut a shot on a par 4 and it cut a little less than I expected, so maybe the ball does what the Makers suggest.

I think the solidness of the ball keeps it on line better which then reduces side spin etc. I am no expert, I can only go on what I feel and see. But it does look like slices and hooks could be helped. For me that is more about fixing your swing than actually using a ball to do that.

Reduce side spin  7/10


Overall Review for the Oncore Golf Ball

I think this ball is one of the best designed balls I have used, and one of the best on the greens. Driving sound is a little noisy and you don’t get that soft feeling when chipping or pitching.

It has a durable cover as well, it should last about 4 rounds, it looses it’s gloss after 2 rounds…….overall I would rate this ball as an 8 out of 10

At around $60 – $70 the Oncore golf ball offers great value for money……..visit the Oncore Golf website for further information¬†http://www.oncoregolf.co.nz/

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